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incendiaryfood's Journal

Incendiary Food Log
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Why -
-fat women, women in general are taught to be ashamed of what we eat, and we're supposed to prove we only eat healthy food and just can't help it that we're fat

Why -
-I have diabetes *and* I am in an unhealthy eating pattern right now and I'm still not a fuck up

- I don't like the defensive logic used by queers and queer supporters that says "they were born that way, they didn't choose it, therefore you must be open minded." Who cares if I chose it or not? This applies to what I eat too.

- closet eating feels dirty

- I have the right to eat

- Paying attention is a good idea

- If I can't crawl around on the floor naked in front of you, this is the next best thing

- my gut


Be my ally/peer:
-post everything you ate today and for the next 6 days in your journal (preferably on the public setting) with reference to this post or some way for people to connect the dots if they want to
-comment here so I know you're participating
-don't change your eating pattern to suit the posts
-feel free to update throughout the day
-notice and comment on what comes up for you in separate posts if you so choose


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